Health and Wealth - Life Is Really Getting Complicated

By Al Emid via

Let’s face it: two of the most important areas of our lives – medical and financial – are becoming ever more complicated and worrisome.

A seemingly routine visit to your doctor can yield the revelation of an ailment you never knew you had.

The financial news can seem like a-headache-a-minute. Those who participate in the financial sector as clients rather than as professionals can be forgiven for thinking that the financial world — and their own financial affairs — continue becoming ever more complex and fraught with worries.

And they would be absolutely correct. At the same time, at least some financial advisors have more explaining to do and more often.

This year promises to be a stressful year for many individuals worried about their finances. In this corner, we usually discuss volatility in investments, the stresses it may cause and some strategies for coping with them.

However, as is often the case at the beginning of the year, financial organizations release polls and studies dealing with other financial issues including overall financial well-being. Some of the findings can be pretty shocking because they either reflect our own situations or the predicaments of those around us.

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