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I’m not talking about spending wildly, in fact, quite the opposite. I am one of those weird people that gets enjoyment out of getting a good deal. I try my best to get a “good deal” on my savings and spending every year. It has almost become a game to see how much I can make on our savings, so I thought I would share some methods that we have in the past year.

How much do you have in savings accounts?

Do you have three to six months of income in a savings account? If not, you should, but that’s a topic for another day! If you do have that much in savings, what kind of interest are you making on your savings? Most local banks pay anywhere from .02 -.2% on money market accounts. If you have $50,000 in savings, that adds up to a whole $100 a year if you are on the high end.

You can do better! A couple years back, I opened up a savings account that is currently paying 1.2% interest. I’m not going to retire on 1.2%, but I am making something on an asset that needs to remain completely liquid in the event of an emergency. Using the example of $50,000, earnings are $600 versus $100. A great place to find high yielding accounts is

I would recommend looking for an account that fits your needs. For example, I hate the accounts that force you to have 12 transactions each month, jump over a river and through the woods to get the stated interest. The account I opened doesn’t require a thing, yet I can withdraw money up to 12 times a month.

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