The Future of Jobs (in a World of Robots)

By Robo Global via

Ask my 11-year-old daughter Helena what I do for a living, and her answer is simple: “My Dad makes robots.” 

Despite valiant efforts to correct my daughter, I’ve clearly failed. For better or worse, making robots is not my line of work. Of course, telling her that I’m the CEO of ROBO Global US means nothing to her. And in truth, it probably explains very little of my day-to-day activities to anyone who doesn’t work with me side-by-side. Why? Because the tasks that I spend the bulk of my time doing aren’t particularly tangible. Teambuilding. Assessing potential investments. Juggling resources. Building relationships. Picking the brains of industry experts who not only understand what robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (“RAAI”) is capable of today, but what it will look like tomorrow. My job is fascinating to me, but explaining what I do, much less how to do it, is anything but simple.

Perhaps this is precisely why I struggle a bit every time I read a headline warning that robots are going to “steal all of our jobs.” There are certainly aspects of my job that I’d love to hand over to a robot, but even delegating to another human has proved challenging.  While I know there are other jobs more susceptible to automation, I still question the notion of RAAI as a threat rather than an incredible opportunity.

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