Millennials Blame Boomers for Making Life Worse

About 51% of millennials claim boomers make their lives worse.Only 13% of millennials say boomers make their lives better.

An interesting demographic-based survey conducted April 9-13, 2018 purports baby boomers made millennial’s lives worse.

Beset by big college loans, inheriting two wars, and facing an uncertain future of work, a majority of millennials say baby boomers have made things worse for them — and a lot of boomers agree, according to a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

If it persists, the generational divide could turn into political rivalry as the generations compete for limited tax dollars — millennials seeking government help as automation takes hold, and boomers insisting on promised levels of social security and medicare.

This ties in nicely with the upcoming pension crisis and healthcare-related issues as well.

Screwed Generation

Consider Obamacare. It was purposely designed to make millennials overpay for healthcare. Millennials subsidize boomers who are better off financially.

When I went to the university of Illinois, tuition was $250 a semester. One realistically could have worked summer and part-time jobs to pay for an education. Now kids are graduating from college with mountains of debt and no way to pay it back.