Investors Flock to iShares ETFs at Remarkable Rate

IEMG debuted just over five years ago as the low-cost alternative to the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: EEM). With investors increasingly prioritizing fees in the ETF evaluation process, IEMG’s status as a cost-effective avenue to emerging markets stocks has helped the fund grow at a blistering pace. To start 2018, IEMG and EEM are among the top 10 asset-gathering ETFs.

IVV, the second-largest ETF in the world, and IEMG have combined for 23% of all inflows to U.S. ETFs this year, according to Bloomberg.

“All in, investors have poured $33.4 billion into the iShares ETFs this year, an appreciable chunk of the $75.3 billion they’ve added to U.S.-listed funds,” reports Bloomberg. “Together, they cover U.S. stocks, international developed equities, emerging markets and fixed-income at a blended cost of about 0.07 percent a year.”

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