Insights for a Modern Fixed-Income Portfolio | ETF Trends

While central banks are changing up the way they enact monetary policies, fixed-income investments are still in demand more than ever. However, investors are now taking a more selective approach to the various bond markets.

In the upcoming webcast, Insights for a Modern Fixed-Income Portfolio, Gary Stringer, President and Chief Investment Officer, Stringer Asset Management, LLC; Josh Rohauer, Portfolio Manager, Horizon Investments; and Bill Ahmuty, Head of SPDR ETF Fixed Income, State Street Global Advisors, will take an overhead view of the global fixed-income landscape and consider ways financial advisors can adapt to the changing market conditions to create a diversified bond portfolio.

State Street offers a range of ETF model portfolios, crafted by experts with each one designed and managed by the Investment Solutions Group. The strategies are backed by over 90 portfolio managers, strategists and analysts, covering a range of investment outcomes to provide diversification opportunities across a variety of asset classes and risk profiles.

For example, the Strategic ETF Model Portfolios pursues optimal capital efficiency over a long-term horizon.

The Strategic Opportunities ETF Model Portfolios seeks to capture deviations in return profiles over an intermediate-term horizon.

The State Street Tactical Allocation ETF Portfolios seeks to capitalize on short- and long-term mispricing in the global equity and fixed income markets by overweighting asset classes that appear attractive and underweighting less attractive asset classes.

They also provide Outcome-Based ETF Portfolios that solve for a range of investor needs and desired outcomes, such as the State Street Global Allocation Target Risk ETF Portfolio, State Street US Equity Sector Rotation Target Risk ETF Portfolio, State Street Flexible Allocation ETF Portfolio and State Street Income Allocation ETF Portfolio.

Lastly, there is a Specialized ETF Portfolio that pursues targeted objectives with sophisticated strategies. The State Street Multi Asset Real Return ETF Portfolio seeks to provide thoughtful exposure to real assets, diversification and additional return by using State Street Global Advisors’ tactical asset allocation process to drive active positioning.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about fixed-income strategies can register for the Tuesday, April 23 webcast here.