Franklin Templeton Expands Its Active Fixed Income ETF Lineup

As more investors enter the bond market, the space becomes more challenging as yield gets harder to come by, leaving investors clamoring for pathways to gains in the fixed income market. As such, Franklin Templeton announced the expansion of its active fixed income ETF lineup with the addition of Franklin Liberty U.S. Core Bond ETF (FLCB), which seeks to provide investors with diversified core fixed income exposure. FLCB is an active ETF that seeks total return through bottom-up fundamental bond selection and top-down sector allocation and is listed on the NYSE Arca.

“We believe active management is critical for achieving long-term returns and managing investment risk, particularly in multi-sector investment grade fixed income,” said Patrick O’Connor, global head of ETFs for Franklin Templeton. “We are thrilled to launch FLCB, which can serve as a core, building block allocation in an investor’s portfolio.”

Franklin Templeton’s fixed income and quantitative research teams review issuers and assess risks from multiple perspectives, which results in a truly holistic viewpoint on each potential investment. FLCB will be managed by David Yuen, SVP, head of quantitative and multi-sector strategies, Amy Cooper, VP, portfolio manager, Patrick Klein, SVP, portfolio manager, multi-sector strategies, and Tina Chou, VP, portfolio manager, with Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group.

“The investment team has chosen to manage this fund with a low tracking error to the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index but has the flexibility to derive alpha through active sector allocation and security selection, providing a truly active core fixed income ETF,” added O’Connor.

Franklin LibertyShares active fixed income ETF strategies:

Ticker Fund Name
FLCB Franklin Liberty U.S. Core Bond ETF
FLCO Franklin Liberty Investment Grade Corporate ETF
FTSD Franklin Liberty Short Duration U.S. Government ETF
FLMB Franklin Liberty Municipal Bond ETF
FLMI Franklin Liberty Intermediate Municipal Opportunities ETF
FLHY Franklin Liberty High Yield Corporate ETF
FLIA Franklin Liberty International Aggregate Bond ETF
FLBL Franklin Liberty Senior Loan ETF

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