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Other higher-risk markets like Indonesia and Turkey also have suffered big declines in recent days. Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings on Tuesday cut Turkey’s sovereign-debt rating further into junk, citing the country’s debt, rising inflation and volatile currency.

Turkey’s main stock market has fallen 4.7% last week, while its currency has declined 4.4%. Indonesia’s JSX Composite Index slumped 6.6% the week ending April 27—the most of any major index globally, according to FactSet—when foreigners fled the market.

Argentina Calls IMF

Once again, Argentina finds itself in a currency crisis. Reuters reports Argentina president says seeking financing from IMF.

“Just a few minutes ago I spoke with Director Christine Lagarde, and she confirmed we would start working on an agreement today,” Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri said in an address to the nation.

Argentine Inflation