Anfield Capital Adapts Its Unconstrained Bond Strategy into an Active ETF

Anfield Capital rolled out a multi-purpose, actively managed fixed-income ETF that draws upon the expertise from its five-year old mutual fund offering.

Anfield Capital recently launched the Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETF (Cboe: AFIF), which has a 0.95% expense ratio.

Anfield’s Cyrille Conseil, Peter van de Zilver and David Young serve as the portfolio managers of the active bond ETF.

The Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETF tries to generate current income and has broad flexibility to allocate its assets across different types of securities and sectors of the fixed income markets, according to the ETF’s prospectus.

AFIF’s portfolio may include corporate bonds, U.S. government and agency securities, master-limited partners, private debt, foreign sovereign bonds, convertible securities, bank loans, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities and cash equivalent instruments. The ETF may also hold dividend-paying stocks.