Anfield Capital Adapts Its Unconstrained Bond Strategy into an Active ETF

Additionally, the portfolio may include various types of derivatives, including futures, options, credit default swaps, total return swaps and repurchase agreements as a substitute for making direct investments in underlying instruments, to reduce certain exposures or to “hedge” against market volatility and other risks.

Some investors may be somewhat familiar with the strategy as AFIF acts as the sister fund to the Anfield Universal Fixed income Fund (AFLIX), which has a five-year track record. The ETF and mutual fund are both managed similarly but in different investment wrappers.

Anfield’s managers try to achieve long-term secular orientation; value-driven with an income focus; benchmark, asset class and geography agnostic exposure; and a risk centric, downside-protection approach to investing.

The active managers try to achieve their goals through synthesis of top-down macro orientation with bottoms up security selection by targeting higher quality company bias and price adjusted quality bias. Additionally, investors may find that sector and asset class weightings are the result of the team’s bottoms up analysis.

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