3 Major Concerns as U.S. Jobs Report Released

Many are concerned as to how this will affect the American economy after both America and China had already slapped  $50 billion each in products that would be hit by tariffs.

Unemployment in Native American Reservations

However, what’s more concerning is one area in America that doesn’t seem to be affected by national trends: Native American reservations.

Nick Tilsen, head of an economic development corporation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota told Bloomberg, “They have basically no impact on what we’re doing here because we have been ignored by the investment community,” said Tilsen, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, whose namesake county in the state averaged 11 percent unemployment in 2017, according to BLS data. “You don’t have businesses investing into tribal communities, so you have these extensive layers of generational poverty that exist here.”

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Native Americans face unemployment levels nearly double that of the overall population, have higher poverty rates, and lag behind in educational attainment.

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