Financial Planning for Women Isn’t a Niche—It’s a Necessity!


In our continuously evolving world, men and women are becoming equal partners, more so than ever before—both in caring for their families and in the workplace. And yet, even today, women still face specific financial challenges that cannot be overlooked. Every women is all too aware of the issues: a long-standing gender pay gap, loss of income due to care taking, higher retirement and longevity expenses, and more. As an advisor, one of the greatest services you can provide is to help women overcome these challenges by planning in a way that addresses their unique issues head on.

It’s no mystery that women’s roles have changed dramatically in the past 50 years, and yet the actual numbers may surprise you. In the 1950s, not only were men the primary breadwinners, but only 33% of women were in the workforce at all1, and only about 7% of women held a college degree. Women were almost solely responsible for homecare and childcare. That’s a stark contrast to today. Now women earn more bachelor’s degrees than men, and 40% of women are their families’ primary breadwinners. As a result, the number of wealthy women is growing at twice the rate of men.

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