The Financial Advisors Guide to Creating Your Ideal Life

By Bill Bachrach via

I am passionate about our great business. How about you? Regardless of markets, economics, politics, regulations, or world events you are in a profession where you control your destiny. People always need advice about money. This is a great business for at least 3 reasons:

1. You can create your Ideal Life income.

This means earning enough money (after business expenses and taxes) to pay for your family’s desired personal lifestyle. This includes material things like the house you live in, the cars you drive, the fun you have, and the vacations you take.

As well as other meaningful things like the quality of your family’s education, your spirituality, your fitness and health, and charitable involvement. Your Ideal Life income means getting your own financial house in perfect order.

This means your financial affairs are organized to such a degree that you are a role model for your clients: your taxes are paid in full and on time, you have plenty of cash reserves, your debt is under control, you have the right amount of every type of insurance that’s relevant for you and your family, and your estate planning and legal document ducks are in a row. It also means funding your own future goals like financial independence and everything that requires money and planning to achieve. Can you imagine what it would be like to earn your Ideal Life income? This is a great business!

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