Every Decision That a Potential Client Will Make About Their Money Comes Down to...

By Tony Vidler via Iris.xyz

When it comes to advising clients to change course or do something new we should remember the reasons why people buy anything, including “advice”. If we want our advice to be effective (and lead the client to do something better than they are currently doing) then it is best to make sure it is clearly linked to their most likely motivation.

There are four basic motivators for the overwhelming majority of people which will lead them to make a decision to change direction, and they are:

  1. a Desire
  2. a Problem
  3. a Need
  4. a Frustration

Amongst those will be the essence of why people say they are buying a solution or a product.  Our advice ideally will be addressing at least one of these four primary motivators if we want them to act upon the advice.

While it is true that these are the key motivators that we can see, humans remain fundamentally emotional creatures in the main.  The motivators have a foundation in logic or rationale, but it is base emotions which drive people to change direction.

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