The impact of extra dollars in the hands of consumers can result in additional travel volume for both the roadways and airports, helping strengthen debt coverage ratios within the sector. While the latest drop in oil prices has not yet resulted in a decline in either of these fuel prices, we believe the potential for declines is expected over time.


Lower oil should prove to be supportive for transportation backed revenue bonds; however, the larger challenge the sector may face could come in the form of a renewed interest in infrastructure legislation. One piece of legislation being discussed by congress would increase the passenger facility charge to help pay for airport improvement projects.

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Additional fees that would be folded into airline ticket prices would serve to offset any traction made from declining fuel prices. Any increase in the national gas tax would also serve to offset declines from sustained lower crude oil prices.

Impact on Today’s Markets

At Clark Capital Management, we continually monitor these types of macro-economic trends and events to help us determine portfolio diversification, credit positioning and sector selection within our Tax-Free Municipal Bond Strategy.

As always, we believe it’s important for investors to stay focused on their long-term goals and objectives and not short-term fluctuations in the market—including oil prices.

This article was written by Eric Kazatsky of Clark Capital Management Group, a participant in the ETF Strategist Channel.
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