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 Q2 2021 FOCUS

A return to normal?
Or a new pattern of life?

Horizon Investments is pleased to announce that its Focus magazine for the second quarter is now available. We’ve titled it “New Pattern of Life” because while some aspects of our daily lives are returning to normal, others seem destined for deep, and perhaps wholesale, change.

  • The Federal Reserve is content to let inflation run hot for a time; what evidence is there that “transitory” is the right view?
  • The economics profession may never be the same. Debt no longer seems to matter as trillions in U.S. spending is absorbed by investors. Some argue that’s an opportunity to fix pressing problems.
  • Closer to home, many people yearn for flexible work arrangements and suburban living. Can that narrow the gap between the economic haves and have nots?
  • The idea of having children is fading for some people after last year’s massive layoffs. Can Social Security survive the Covid baby bust?

In a changing world, Horizon believes goals-based financial advisors are more valuable than ever. In the Q2 Focus, we examine how set-it-and-forget-it strategies weren’t built to flex and adapt to the times.

Horizon is changing post-pandemic, too, shifting our economic framework to something more normal: watching supply and demand for clues on where the economy is headed. Read about that in the Outlook on the Economy section.

The Horizon team hopes the series of articles in the Q2 Focus demonstrate why our firm believes active investment management — and active financial advice from advisors like you — are vital as clients pursue their financial goals in these tumultuous times.

We look forward to discussing these important issues with you as we track their evolution and their possible effect on your practice and your clients.

Thanks for reading!
Robbie Cannon, CEO, and the Horizon Investments team

Originally published by Horizon Investments