Let's Talk Astrology & Markets

While we considered building the first astrology based quant model (Astro-Quant Risked Weighted Rotation Strategy?), instead we’ll leave you with a list of assumptions to ponder:

  • What is a risk-free rate when government debt levels soar?
  • What will the long-term effects of global quantitative easing be?
  • What do you consider a store of value?
    • Is it the currency of the country you are a citizen of?
    • A basket of currencies?
    • Precious Metals?
    • Cryptocurrencies?
    • Commodities?
  • What’s an alternative investment?

One more thing to ponder is that there are rumors of a Space ETF coming!

Now is a time for reflection, and for the sake of your clients, a time of process assessment. We encourage you to discuss your overall economic assumptions, portfolio construction, and use of alternatives with us at www.etfthinktank.com and we’ll leave you with some alternatives to consider below!

  • Is it time for commodities / gold to run?
    • Granite shares ETFs?
    • AMZA
  • Blockchain investments?
    • BLOK
  • Will long duration protect again?
    • ZROZ
  • True market alternatives?
    • BTAL
  • A new way to access large caps?
    • RVRS
  • Is ESG the next best factor?
  • The new smart beta?
  • Traditional Beta + Thematic investing?

This article was written by the team at Toroso Asset Management, a participant in the ETF Strategist Channel.

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