ETF Trends
ETF Trends

Stock Market Profile For DCNG


  • etf-performance-report-october ETF Performance Report: October - The equities market and stock exchange traded funds ended October flat in muted action as a renewed FBI investigation into Democratic runner Hillary Clinton's emails added to political risk with
  • Best ETFs to Track Crude Oil 32 Best ETFs to Track Crude Oil - Crude oil prices are finally bouncing back, and investors can also track the ups and downs of the energy market through commodity-related exchange traded funds (ETFs). West Texas Intermediate crude
  • ETF Trends ETF Performance Report: July Stall - Stocks and equity-based exchange traded funds have remained relatively range bound over July, dancing around back-and-forth, as investors weighed geopolitical volatility overseas against stronger economic data. Over the past month,
  • ETF Trends ETFs for Natural Gas - Natural gas exchange traded funds have been on a four-year losing streak as improvements in extraction techniques helped create a glut in supply. However, natural gas prices may finally reverse
  • ETF Trends ETF Chart of the Day: Natural Gas - This time of year, as we approach colder weather in much of the United States, natural gas exchange traded funds and notes often become more active than usual as traders
  • ETF Trends New ETNs Track Various Commodity Markets - Barclays recently listed over a dozen exchange traded notes (ETNs) that give investors targeted exposure to various commodities. The launch highlights the growing popularity of commodities products as investors seek