ETF Trends
ETF Trends

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  • Senior Bank Loans An Alternative Fixed-Income ETF Strategy ETFs that Offer One-Stop Shopping for Yield-Starved Investors - Dividend stocks, high-yield bonds, MLPs and REITs remain popular choices for income-staved investors. ETFs that offer one-stop shopping for yield-starved investors, commonly known as multi-asset ETFs, are also becoming part
  • ETF Trends Changes for a Popular Multi-Asset ETF - The Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income Index ETF (NYSEArca: CVY) is one of the largest multi-asset exchange traded funds with over $511 million in assets under management. Dividend stocks, high-yield bonds, MLPs
  • ETF Trends Generate Attractive Yields with Multi-Asset ETFs - Fixed-income investors won't don't meticulously and religiously follow the slightest market shifts should consider an all-encompassing, multi-asset exchange traded fund to generate income and growth. "Most investors are better off
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs Offer High Yields, But Exposed To Rate Risk - Multi-asset exchange traded funds have provided diversified exposure to a group of various asset classes and generated attractive yields, but the investments could falter if rates begin to rise this
  • ETF Trends Defensive ETFs to Diversify an Investment Portfolio - As the equities markets touch new heights, more conservative players don't want to press their luck and are looking at defensive investments and related exchange traded funds to hedge against
  • ETF Trends Considerations When Picking Out An ETF Strategist - Investors can now invest in the growing number of customized managed portfolios based on exchange traded funds, but there are a few factors to consider when picking out an ETF
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset Menagerie With These ETFs - What a difference a year makes. Last year’s "tantrum" resulting from the specter of tapering of its quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve was a drag on multiple corners of
  • ETF Trends Mutli-Asset ETFs Eye U.K. Market - Multi-asset exchange traded funds have proven popular with investors in the U.S. due in part to a combination of robust yields and exposure to several income-generating asset classes under one
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs Get Some Rate Relief - At the height of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing spectacle and when little thought was given to rising Treasury yields, income investors were smitten by multi-asset exchange traded funds. Under
  • ETF Trends 10 Unique ETF Sources of Yield - No longer is an investor’s search for yield confined to stocks and U.S. government bonds. The exchange traded products industry has helped drive the changing landscape of income investing by
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs Yielding Over 5% - When it comes to income, traders can browse through fixed-income and equity assets. Exchange traded fund investors, though, can hold an all-encompassing, multi-asset that covers multiple income producing investments. The
  • ETF Trends Dividend ETFs, Yield-Producing Equities Back in Focus - The slight pullback in the stock market is creating the chance for income focused investors to get back into dividend-paying equities at a reasonable cost. Dividend exchange traded funds are
  • ETF Trends Alternative High-Income ETFs - When ETF investors want income, they usually think about go-to sectors such as high-yield bonds and dividend stocks. However, there are other places investors can look to boost income with
  • ETF Trends All-in-One ETFs with Attractive Yields - Considering that the Treasuries market is still hovering around historically low rates, investors are diversifying their income-generating assets, but some may be taking on more risk. Nevertheless, with exchange traded
  • ETF Trends Income-Producing ETFs Back in Focus as Bond Yields Fall Again - Treasury yields are falling again as President Barack Obama's re-election has boosted speculation that the Federal Reserve will stick with quantitative easing and bond buying. Renewed fears over Greece and
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs For Yield and Stability - Multi asset exchange traded funds are proving they are good tools for investors that are seeking income from their investments with the prospect of long term appreciation. ETFs also help
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs - Institutions, investors and advisors all utilize exchange traded fund products. Now, some fund products are also adding exposure to other ETFs within their own portfolios to provide regular investors with
  • ETF Trends Three ETFs to Safeguard a Portfolio - Investors are feeling distracted by the constant stream of negative news, from slow U.S. growth to Europe's debt crisis. Before leaving the stock market altogether, these exchange traded funds can
  • ETF Trends ETFs for Income - Boosting income is a high priority for many investors as current market conditions are uncertain at best, and interest rates are low to negative. A portfolio of income yielding exchange
  • ETF Trends Multi-Asset ETFs See Top Inflows - The recent flows into exchange traded funds have followed the same general pattern seen in open-ended funds, with multi-asset investments topping the list. The top Morningstar categories that have seen
  • ETF Trends Three Dividend ETFs for Investors Aiming High - Investors seeking an income stream appreciate dividend exchange traded funds as alternative to low-yielding bonds. There are particular funds that provide a higher-than-usual yield with the added benefit of one-shot
  • ETF Trends Is Dividend ETF Investing Risky Business? - Dividend exchange traded funds have been the answer for investors seeking an income stream along with the flexibility of a diversified trading tool. But these ETFs are by no means
  • ETF Trends Best Dividend ETFs - Dividend exchange traded funds have become a key component holding for many investors, especially for those looking for that extra bit of cash on the side. Dividend ETFs specifically pick
  • ETF Trends Active ETFs Seen Taking Off in 2012 - Actively managed exchange traded funds haven’t gained much traction in the investment landscape yet, but some veteran observers expect that to change in 2012 as high-profile managers get in the
  • ETF Trends ETF Chart of the Day: Dividend Funds - We highlight call buying this morning in generally lightly traded options on a dividend exchange traded fund, DVY (iShares DJ Select Dividend). This play seems to reflect investor willingness to