Estate Planning for Your High School Graduate: That’s Right, Your Babies are Adults Now!

By Scott Krase via

At CrossPoint Wealth, we have run into many situations when we are speaking to clients about estate planning for themselves, but also for their soon-to-be or current adult children. The problem is that most parents just aren’t informed enough to help their 18-year olds. Many times they need the right professionals, like a fiduciary fee-only advisor or estate planning attorney to potentially help them make better financial decisions.

With this being the case, I asked my friend and estate planning attorney Lawrence Gregory from the Estate & Business Law Group in Libertyville, IL to share his insights in co-writing this blog post.

As the high school graduation party comes to an end (and after searching the garbage for grandma’s graduation check that was accidently thrown away with the card), parents and graduates alike look ahead to the opportunities and challenges that await for these young adults.

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