Warren Buffett Bought Only One REIT and It’s Exploding

By Stephen McBride via Iris.xyz

Amazon sells stuff online for cheap. Usually cheaper than what you’ll pay in a store. This has given the company a critical edge over brick-and-mortar retailers.

Since it was founded 24 years ago, Amazon AMZN [NGS] – $1,692.43 has contributed to putting Bon-Ton, Borders, Circuit City, RadioShack and hundreds of store chains out of business.Many other retailers are barely clinging to life. Macy’s M [NYE] – $24.37, JCPenney JCP [NYE] – $1.68, and GameStop GME [NYE] – $11.60 still have a pulse, but they’re fading fast. Since 2014, their stocks have plunged 53%, 77%, and 68%.Store closings in the US hit an all-time high last year, according to leading research firm Nielsen. As such, many investors assume there are only two types of retailers:

1. Those that Amazon has already put out of business…

2. and those that Amazon will soon put out of business.

But what I’m about to say will surprise you.

This Stock Profits from Amazon-Proof Businesses

There’s a third type of retailer that Amazon can never disrupt. It’s what I call an undisruptable business. And one innovative company has figured out how to tap into these Amazon-proof businesses.

It has rewarded stockholders with twice the gains of Amazon in the past year. It also pays a big and growing dividend. And in 2017, super-investor Warren Buffet quietly bought 10% of the company.

The company is called STORE Capital STOR [NYE] – $32.39.

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