More Nesting Homeowners Could Support Homebuilder ETFs | ETF Trends

Home improvement companies and homebuilder-related ETFs could find support from homeowners whom are willing to reinvest in their own homes.

Alvaro Lacayo, vice president of equity research at G.research, argued that we may see “decent” returns on home improvement stocks despite diminished consumer sentiment in the housing sector, CNBC reported.

“If you look at the average age of the U.S. housing stock you’re talking about 40 years plus,” Lacayo told CNBC. “And the more time you spend in a house the more you’re likely to reinvest.”

Lacayo pointed out home improvement companies likes Lowe’s and Fortune Brands, which have experienced double-digit losses in the past year.

While the market could soften in the first and fourth quarters of this year as house appreciations dip to as much as 3%, Lacayo argued that it is a “fairly healthy level” to support remodeling growth.