Liquid Strategies Presents Overlay Shares’ New Equity ETF Suite

Today, Liquid Strategies, LLC announced their firm’s Overlay Shares ETFs will begin trading on the NYSE Arca.

This new Overlay Shares ETF suite consists of five sought-after and highly liquid index ETFs employing a controlled risk-managed overlay strategy aiming to generate tax-efficient income on top of the underlying assets.

This suite of “Ovals” includes:

  • Overlay Shares Large Cap Equity ETF (ticker: OVL)
  • Overlay Shares Small Cap Equity ETF (ticker: OVS)
  • Overlay Shares Foreign Equity ETF (ticker: OVF)
  • Overlay Shares Core Bond ETF (ticker: OVB)
  • Overlay Shares Municipal Bond ETF (ticker: OVM)

These five Ovals provide dual sources of potential return both from their respective index ETF exposure and the portfolio manager’s overlay strategy. Additionally, these ETF Ovals can serve as core, standalone investment solutions or as building blocks for combined asset allocation solutions.

“Overlay Shares ETFs quite simply seek to provide investors and advisors alike a simple, cost-effective, and operationally efficient way to get more from their portfolios over a long-term investment horizon,” said Brad Ball, CEO of Liquid Strategies and Overlay Shares portfolio manager.

“With interest rates near all-time lows, and volatility threatening equity market performance, our ETF Ovals can help investors potentially achieve higher returns without a material change to their risk profile—and do so without changing their asset allocation.”

Working With Ovals

With five new ETFs coming into play, the launch will enable financial advisors and investors to access core index ETFs foundational to their investment portfolios, combined with a capital-efficient overlay strategy. This strategy seeks additional incremental returns over time with a nominal change in the overall risk profile.

Managing Overlay is Liquid Strategies; an investment management group focused on delivering capital-efficient overlay investment solutions. The idea is to provide investors two streams of returns without requiring them to change their underlying investment profiles. This expertise was previously afforded to accredited investors and is now universally accessible through these new ETF Ovals.

“We believe that our collective wisdom and expertise delivers an innovative, cost-effective, and transparent method for utilizing overlays to seek positive, reliable returns with little change in volatility,” said Shawn Gibson, chief investment officer of Liquid Strategies and Overlay Shares portfolio manager.

“By offering access to such risk-managed returns within an ETF structure, we feel we can change the face of investing—making it possible for individual investors and advisors to potentially improve investment outcomes with the additional stream of income on top of what they already receive from core assets.”

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