5 Pioneering Companies To Watch For Solid Returns In 2019

By Ron Corker via Iris.xyz

The U.S.-China trade disagreement, several Fed rate hikes, global politics and volatile oil prices have created a whirlwind of turbulence in the 2019 global markets. Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), for instance, did increase spending and boost the confidence of the nation speculators. However, domestic and international economic trouble quickly wiped away the progress made with those short-term gains.

In the United States, concern over the most recent Treasury yields and increases in federal funding rates ended the year on a bit of a sour note. Additionally, the current economic environment is likely to reduce consumer borrowing and spending, and if this trend is too marked, it could lead to the next recession. Despite unnerving conditions, however, experts don’t foresee the onset of another economic downturn anytime in the near future.

Now, incredible advances such as blockchain technology, data analytics and artificial intelligence are radically transforming healthcare and other fields. As a new year settles in for speculators, it’s time to start looking for stocks that show potential for a solid return on investment.

The following synopses provide an overview of 5 companies that are positioned for substantial growth in 2019.

Company #1: Biogen Leads the Way in Neuroscience

Less aggressive investors may wish to seek stocks that perform well late in the economic cycle, according to PNC investment strategist Jeff Mills. The executive financial analyst expresses that healthcare stocks are exceptional choices for growth and safety, despite current economic conditions.

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, for instance, are favored by health care analysts. Accordingly, Biogen BIIB [NGS] – $327.62 might serve as a good pick for solid returns.

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