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Research ETF Funds Using our Detailed ETF Database

There are hundreds of ETFs available right now, and hundreds more in registration. That means it’s more important than ever to find the best ETF for you. You can start doing that today by using our powerful ETF research tool to really dig down.

Choosing ETFs is more than just finding a brand-name fund that’s on a hot streak. To find the best fund, you need to do some serious ETF screening, and our ETF research center is the place to get started. Using our comprehensive ETF research center, there’s nothing you can’t learn about ETFs.

In the ETF research center, each ETF has its own page. We’ve broken each page down into tabs to make finding the ETF information you want a snap. On the ETF summary page, we display short-term and long-term performance, assets, ETF trading volume, performance relative to short- and long-term trend lines and technical information such as alpha, beta and R-squared.

Using our ETF charts, you can build the kind of chart with ETF information that’s important to you. You can compare multiple ETFs, set time frames and view trend lines. Premium members can save their ETF chart settings as the default for future visits. Our ETF profile page contains an ETF fact sheet that comes directly from the ETF provider. The ETF composition page will tell you which sectors, industries and countries make up the ETF. And finally, our ETF holdings page will tell you the top holdings in any ETF.  Premium Members can see the entire holdings of equity and fixed income ETFs. Learn more about Premium Memberships.

Learn all there is to know about any ETF today with the ETF Resumé.