Earnings Growth? Look No Further Than Robotics Automation

By Jeremie Capron via Iris.xyz

For investors looking for a shining star within a stock market that many consider to be overvalued and possibly poised for a slide, it’s time to take a closer look at today’s hottest sector: robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, or RAAI (pronounced “ray”). Much more than just a buzzword, Bloomberg recently reported that the number of companies mentioning the words “artificial intelligence” on their earnings calls has jumped from about 50 two years ago to more than 200 at the end of 2016, and the numbers continue to grow with each new quarter.

Why all the buzz? Just look at any sector of the economy and it’s clear to see how RAAI is changing the world around us. In healthcare, robotic-assisted surgeries take place every day in operating rooms across the country. Unmanned tractors and mobile robots are changing agriculture as we know it. Energy companies rely on robots to perform delicate, knowledge-based work, from assembling underwater pipelines to perform safety checks to keep human workers safe. And 3D printing has the potential to transform everything from how precision tools are manufactured to how buildings are constructed.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the immediate impact of RAAI in manufacturing and logistics.

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