The Difference Between Our True Heart and Our Emotions Around Money

By Michael Kay via

Money might be the target of your desire.

The reason you work, get out of bed in the morning, maybe even the driving force behind the endless hours you devote to its creation.

You might believe that the more money you have, the happier you will be. You work, strive, invest, purchase lottery tickets, go to casinos and make deals in an effort to have more money. Some people call it the “rat race.”  But why do we do this? It is to validate our own success or do we have a higher purpose? Do we see money to confirm our place in the pecking order of friends, family and peers? Or is there a reason beyond our own ego satisfaction of climbing the ladder or impressing others?

While there are some who look at making money as a game—a challenge, a goal—most of us want money to meet the needs of our hearts. We’re talking about feelings of satisfaction and safety; achievement; and the ability to create options attuned to our values.

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