Did Active Management Hold up During First-Quarter Volatility?

By Albert Lim Iris.xyz

Volatility may have rattled investors’ nerves during a rocky first quarter for markets, but did those with their assets in the hands of an active manager sleep better at night?

The results from our quarterly survey of active management performance suggest the answer is yes.

We reviewed 1,200 institutional money manager products monitored by our global equity research team during the first three months of 2018, and the numbers are telling. Across all regions, more than half of the products assessed beat their respective benchmarks—a figure that was even higher outside of the U.S. In other words, on a global scale, the majority outperformed.


A major reason was the continued gains seen in growth stocks globally, buoyed by strong earnings results from growth companies. This was especially true for technology stocks, where active managers benefitted from overweight positions, particularly in Canada and Australia as well as in global and international equities.

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