Cryptocurrencies: The Bitcoin Bubble is in Full Bloom

By Chris Skinner via

I was interviewed by UBS’s wealth management team a month ago, when the bitcoin bubble was in full bloom. Here is the article:

Cryptocurrencies – digital currencies based on encryption – are in the midst of a bubble, but that should not overshadow the genuinely transformative change that is taking place within the financial services industry.

That is the contention of Chris Skinner, Chairman of The Financial Services Club, author of blog and one of Financial News’ ‘FinTech 40’ most influential people in financial technology. Chris Skinner spoke to Barry Corbett of the UBS Knowledge Network in London on 12 June.

Barry Corbett: So far this year, 85 new cryptocurrencies have been launched, bitcoin has traded within a whisper of $3,000, and the market capital of cryptocurrencies has surged to more than $100 bn, from $15 bn. What’s going on?

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