Analysis Reveals Bitcoin Is Most-Googled Cryptocurrency in 2021

Like Starbucks to coffee, bitcoin is synonymous with cryptocurrencies, so it only makes sense that it’s the most Google-searched crypto in 2021, according to

“Analysis carried out by researched the most sought-after cryptocurrencies of 2021 based on the amount of times they had been searched for on Google each month,” a press release notes. “Bitcoin came out on top, with 24.6 million worldwide monthly searches.”

The data comes as cryptocurrencies as a whole are rallying in 2021 — bitcoin itself got a boost with the introduction of a U.S. futures ETF in the market, spurring it on to a new high during the month October, or “Uptober” as crypto pundits like to call it. Heightened interest is causing an influx of institutional money, which is helping the cryptocurrency space garner more legitimacy within heavily regulated capital markets.

Other heavily Googled cryptocurrencies include meme coins with heavy social media presences. Tokens like dogecoin and Shiba Inu may have started as jokes, but their large market caps suggest that this is no longer their only function, as both are in the top 20 coins on based on market capitalization.

“The growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years has been colossal, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon,” a spokesperson noted. “It is very interesting to see the growth and popularity of ‘meme coins’, with many people now seeing great potential in crytpo coins that were originally perceived to be a joke. It will no doubt be exciting to watch the growth of the market and to see how the industry evolves.”

Alternate Exposure to Bitcoin

Investors who are still hesitant to jump into cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, with both feet, can opt for alternate exposure with bitcoin funds. One option is the Bitwise Bitcoin Fund, which provides exposure via an institutional asset management firm with a proven track record.

“The Bitwise Bitcoin Fund aims to provide exposure to the price movement
of bitcoin, the first and largest crypto asset in the world,” the fund’s fact sheet notes. “The Fund invests exclusively in bitcoin and offers investors an innovative, cost-efficient, and secure way to access the bitcoin market. Bitwise uses professional trading expertise to minimize transaction costs, and assets are held in safekeeping with one of the world’s leading crypto asset custodians.”

“The Fund aims to capture all economically significant network distributions available to bitcoin investors, including hard forks and air drops, if those network distributions can be captured and realized securely,” the fact sheet adds further.

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