“We are pleased to once again collaborate with Transamerica to launch a DeltaShares Managed Risk ETF,” stated Adam Schenck, head of portfolio management for Milliman FRM. “The success of the initial suite has shown us that investors appreciate the DeltaShares’ unique management strategies, which help them take advantage of upside market potential, while seeking to mitigate their risks as they invest to achieve their long-term goals.”

The S&P Managed Risk 2.0 Index Series applies a unique approach designed to simulate, through a rules-based methodology, a dynamic portfolio with the aim of both managing the volatility of each respective index in the series and limiting losses from the index’s equity exposure. Each index seeks to achieve these objectives by allocating weightings among the underlying equity index (such as the S&P 500 Index), the S&P U.S. Treasury Bond Current 5-Year Index and the S&P U.S. Treasury Bill 0-3 Month Index.

Financial professionals and investors can learn more about DeltaShares by Transamerica by visiting www.deltashares.com.

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