Pay Attention to the Russell and These Financial Sectors

By Chris Vermeulen via

For those that still believe the US markets are weak and poised for a total collapse, we want to bring something to your attention.

Throughout weeks of uncertainty about China trade deals, the US government shutdown, continued Brexit issues and who knows what else… oh yeah US Q4 Earnings data, guess what has been taking place in some US sectors? That’s right, a rather solid price recovery.

Two of our favorite sectors to watch for signs of strength and weakness have been rocketing higher over the past few weeks after setting up a very deep price low near Christmas 2018. The Russell 2000 ETF (IWM [ARCA] – $144.64 0.36 (0.25%) and the Financial Sector ETF (XLF [ARCA] – $25.62 0.08 (0.31%). While the ES, NQ, and others are still waffling around trying to find the momentum to break out to the upside, pay attention to the other sectors that could be leading the way.

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