Building Fiduciary Standards Into Your Wealth Management Practice

By Dahna Chandler

The fiduciary rule may fade away, but the fiduciary principle is eternal. The arc of investing is long, but it bends toward fiduciary duty.”

– John C. Bogle, New York Times Op-Ed, February 9, 2017

Fiduciary Principles Aren’t Optional to Clients

The six-year-long battle over the implementation of Obama administration’s Department of Labor Fiduciary rule appears to be nearing its end with the demise of the rule itself. But, as Vanguard founder and retired CEO Bogle’s quote above shows, your investors’ demands that their wealth advisors rise to the ethical standards the rule imposes won’t die.

In fact, Bogle argues the rule doesn’t go far enough—it should protect all investors, not just retirement fund holders.

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