Equities That Can Take a Punch

By J.P. Morgan Asset Management via Iris.xyz

3 equity solutions that can help cushion the downside

With the stock market near all-time highs, investors and their financial advisors may be re-evaluating their equity portfolios and looking for solutions that may help prepare for inevitable pullbacks in the market.

At this stage in the market cycle, valuations have begun to look somewhat stretched as we enter the ninth year of this bull market. For most investors, the focus is not on volatility, but on the potential for an eventual equity market correction. Even in good years, sizeable intra-year drawdowns are a normal feature of the market. Over the past ten years, intra-year drops have averaged 16.8%, despite positive returns in seven of these years.

To help you navigate today’s uncertain environment, we focus on three equity solutions designed to deliver upside participation with lower volatility, helping investors get invested—and stay invested.

Equity Income Fund: A conservative approach pays dividends

Today’s steady economic backdrop, coupled with increasing corporate profits, is a great environment for a stock picker to identify attractively-valued companies that can grow their business.

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