BlackRock Debuts Cloud Computing and 5G Multisector ETF, 'IDAT'

On Thursday, as digital connectivity expands across the globe and transforms how society interacts with technology, BlackRock announced the launch of the iShares Cloud and 5G Multisector ETF (NYSE: IDAT).

IDAT seeks to track the investment results of the Morningstar® Global Digital Infrastructure & Connectivity Index. Morningstar’s forward-looking index uses fundamental Morningstar research to assess the 50 global firms across developed and emerging markets that have the potential to drive material net profit increases from infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) tools and/or 5G next-generation connectivity.

The Megatrends Opportunity in the Trajectory of the Global Economy

“With the recent acceleration of technological innovations to meet work-from-home demands, the explosion of e-commerce, and revolutionary healthcare advances, the future has become the present,” said Chad Slawner, Head of US iShares Product. “The expansion of the iShares Megatrend lineup signals investor demand for precise access to strategies that go beyond the traditional sector, market capitalization and geographic classifications.”

BlackRock believes there are five Megatrends primed to redefine every corner of our lives over the next decade or two, momentum indicative of an investment horizon that transcends market cycles: Technological Breakthroughs; Demographics and Social Change; Rapid Urbanization; Climate Change and Resource Scarcity; and Emerging Global Wealth.

The Convergence of 5G and the Cloud

The infrastructure for the 21st century represents significant economic opportunity. IDAT concentrates on the handful of firms that Morningstar’s Equity Research team believes are best positioned from the evolution of IaaS and 5G technologies that are driving the planet’s digital transformation.

“5G and cloud infrastructure participate in a virtuous cycle. Broader 5G connectivity leads to faster download speeds and the commercialization of technologies like autonomous driving and surgical robots – solutions which will create a surge of data creation and lead to increased demand for cloud-based data storage,” said Jeff Spiegel, Head of U.S. iShares Megatrend and International ETFs. “IDAT is an example of the critical tech-enabled innovation – in this case, the companies leading the race of delivering digital infrastructure – happening within key corners of equity markets.”

The iShares Megatrends lineup of BlackRock Megatrend traditional index ETFs and active transparent ETFs aims to provide all kinds of investors with choices when accessing BlackRock’s best thinking on transformative growth trends.

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