Back then when I first started work, before Jurassic Park but after Star Wars, it was simple. You were at work and then you were not. Life was good. You went to the office at 09:00 and usually left around 5:30 to grab a few beers with the work mates.

Then email arrived. Oh, oh. But email was OK. It was contained at work. However, I learned early on the foibles of email when I sent a note out to the UK salesforce saying that the try-and-buy program operating in America would not be introduced over here. It’s a long story but, to keep it short, the UK leadership team had made this decision, but I was the one who communicated it over email. I soon learnt that email could get you in trouble when, on my first trip to meet the American leadership team, the Global Head of Sales came up to me and said: “so you’re the little shit who cancelled my program. Explain yourself.” Not the easiest way to found your career in a new firm.

Then the mobile phone arrived. That was good. It let you tell people you were running late, send text messages and do things like chase snakes.

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