Are You Better or Worse Off Financially This Year?

By Mary Beth Storjohann via

You can’t measure what you don’t manage — and this adage is particularly true when it comes to your personal finances.

You need to pay attention to your money if you want to grow your wealth. Part of that requires you to take some time to pause and reflect on where you started and the progress you’ve made.

The end of the year offers us a great opportunity to do just that. Before the clock hits midnight and we ring in 2018 together, let’s take a moment and ask:

Are you financially better off now than when you started the year?

Here’s what to evaluate to find out.

Calculate Your Net Worth

Your net worth is a useful measurement of your financial health. It’s not the only number you need to measure and evaluate your financial situation by, of course, but over time you should see an upward trend in growth.

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