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Alright, your first thought is probably “What in the world is a Buffalo Jump?”

You aren’t alone. Unless you are a fan of Native American history, or have traveled through Montana, a Buffalo Jump is not something you hear about every day. However, the Buffalo Jump played an important role in American history and the near extinction of the Plains Bison.

The Buffalo Jump was a cliff that Native Americans used to hunt and kill bison. Herds of bison were enticed – by being spooked – to begin stampeding toward the cliff. The Native Americans used numerous tricks and deception to funnel the bison into a tighter formation to increase the number killed and to eliminate the herd’s ability to turn in a different direction. At the point where the bison were running at full speed and tightly packed together, unable to see ahead of them, they would plunge off the cliff to their death. A gruesome, yet very effective, hunting technique that was necessary for survival of Native Americans in the plains.

What does a Buffalo Jump have to do with wealth? 

I’m glad you asked. The current market environment – with the majority of money flowing into passive index funds and especially ETFs – makes me think of a Buffalo Jump.

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