Advisors: Looking to Retire, Sell, or Merge Your Practice?

By Scott Calhoun via

I recently read an article addressing key factors for financial advisors to consider when looking to retire, sell or merge their practice.

The article was well-written and focused on many important factors such as making sure that the new practice was a good fit for the advisor’s client base, taking care to structure the terms of the deal properly (looking at financing, valuation, and operational issues), and addressing important client transition issues.

Finally, the article mentioned the importance of preparing for the future by having valuations performed and updated on a regular basis and encouraging advisors to have resources in place to handle questions that may come up during a deal to sell or merge the practice.

This last point serves to emphasize advice I have passed along previously – that is, the importance of having a team in place to consider and address the wide range of issues involved in any potential business succession scenario.

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