Why Kevin O'Leary Makes His Kids Fly Economy

Kevin O’Leary has a bank account big enough to fly his whole family first class, but he has revealed he makes his kids fly economy.

“I can afford to take my kids to any city anywhere on Earth every weekend, and I do. I work all week long, I’m usually gone, but I always say to my family, ‘Pick a city; we’ll all meet together,'” O’Leary said in a CNBC Make It segment.

“We were getting on a flight to Geneva, it’s a long flight, and Trevor said to me, ‘Dad, why is it every time we get on this flight, I have to take a left and go sit in the back of the plane, and you take a right and go to the front? [You] sit in a big chair and they roll roast beef on a trolley by you, and I’m back in 69D.'”

O’Leary told CNBC Make It he has a simple answer: “I say, ‘Trevor, you don’t have any money.'”

Watch the full segment featuring Kevin O’Leary below:

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