“This move smells like one big investor because there wasn’t a ton of volume for the fund on Friday,” Balchunas told Bloomberg, referring to the recent large money outflow out of EWY. “But there’s a risk because if the meeting is perceived to be very good and there’s a lot of progress made, that could ultimately lift the ETF. This will be the fund to watch.”

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However, South Korean investors were more hopeful of the Trump and Kim meet. The South Korea-listed Samsung Kodex 200 Securities ETF, which follows the Kospi 200 Index, experienced $471 million in net inflows for the week ended June 9, reports Eric Lam for Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, President Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un meeting ended in a joint agreement. A signed document includes a pledge from Kim to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons, and Trump revealed a halt to U.S. military exercises in South Korea, BBC reports.

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