What Do You Prefer: Stocks or ETFs?

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Intelligent, careful and well thought out investments in high potential growth stocks is the best way to accelerate your portfolio.Who did I learn all this from?

High Potential Growth Stocks

Well, I can sum it up by saying I’ve read a ton of Peter Lynch books. He had a huge influence on my investment mentality and it’s paying dividends early on in my investing career.You’re gonna lose some investments you thought were for sure winners. You’re also going to strike oil where you thought the well was completely dry.

The fact is, at a young age a certain amount of your portfolio has to be dedicated to making educated decisions on riskier stocks. For me the magic number was 30 percent. I own 3 stocks I would determine to be speculative growth stocks. SHOP.TO,WEED.TO and PKI.TO.It all depends on your risk tolerance

I understand some people can’t stomach even marginal risk. Its your money and you’ve worked hard for it. As long as your money is earning something you’re doing it right.There’s also this. If you don’t know what you’re doing in terms of picking high potential growth stocks, you may as well just head to the casino and play Roulette instead of attempting to purchase them.

I’ve developed a growth stock analysis guide on Stocktrades, and you can head there and sign up to receive it if you wish. Its a 5 part guide developed by us free to you, and it will show you how to navigate through these stocks.

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