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“Don’t try and time the market,” said O’Leary. “When the market soars, it’s not necessarily time to sell. When the market collapses, it’s not always time to buy.”

“The key to it is invest over time,” added O’Leary. “Sometimes you’ll buy stocks when they’re very cheap, sometimes you’ll pay more for them. But if you average in over time, that’s a very good long-term strategy.”

When the market oscillates the way it has been lately, it can be easy to get caught up in the heightened frenzy of selling. O’Leary suggests compartmentalizing emotions and preventing them from clouding market decisions.

“When it comes to volatility, don’t let it affect you,” O’Leary assured. “Don’t get emotional about stocks. They never cry for you so you shouldn’t cry for them.”

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