Don’t Overlook These 5 Small Cap REITs

By Brad Thomas via

While clearing the Thanksgiving table, I admired the small helpings of various leftovers, and was reminded that “small is beautiful,” not to be ignored or overlooked. It’s a lesson that should illuminate a slice of REIT investing principles, which I’ll follow with some “BIG” small cap ideas.

1. As a zealous value investor, and committed, practiced REIT investor (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and analyst, I’m always on the hunt for bargains, and those “small-fry’s” going – and growing- in the right REIT direction.

2. It’s fun to find and track those players other “Street” analysts might overlook. Investors might ignore smaller-sized REITs, leaving gem mining to the gutsier investors looking to find the next diamond in the rough. I want to help give you an edge.

3. My eyes are not just on the capture (ownership) of oft-elusive, high-value, low-costing publicly-traded securities, but also, the enjoyment of quarterly (and sometimes monthly) dividend collecting, especially as they grow over time, without much work from me, other than reinvesting it, or taking the cash.

4. Almost a commandment: time-tested guidelines and rules for successful small cap REIT investing shalt not be ignored. Including:

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