Battered Emerging Market ETFs Are Worth a Look

If you are still wary of further risk down the road, one may consider a low-volatility strategy as well.

“Investors may want to consider a minimum volatility strategy, which historically has provided some buffer during sell-offs,” Dhanraj said.

“For investors who wish to maintain some upside participation while seeking to minimize downside exposure, we believe the min vol factor can serve an important role across portfolios,” he added.

The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility ETF (Cboe: EEMV) is a low-vol variant on the widely observed MSCI Emerging Market Index and is a solid option for investors looking for a volatility-reducing strategy that provides exposure to resurgent developing world stocks. Investors considering EEMV should note that is fund, like other low volatility ETFs, focuses more more slow and stable companies, the low volatility strategy may underperform more growth-oriented stocks if the markets turn around.

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