By Brad Thomas via

It made sense to follow my last article (REITs 101), with some powerful REITs in Retirement.

So here are 10 notes and 5 ideas to help pave your way:

1. First, congrats if you’re currently experiencing that sought-after phase of life, where the work-a-day routine turns into… something special, new, different. In retirement, the key words are: enjoyment, planning, and repeat.

2. If you’re not yet there, but can see retirement coming, it’s a happy glimpse, so congrats to you. Of course, the best pre-retirement advice: get your expenses budgeted, and your investments in shape to support your needs. Start with either one. Investment words for pre-retirement: planning, enjoying the planning, and, of course, repeat.

3. Since you already know from my last article REITs are simple to own and understand, you know they offer a premier retirement benefit: regular income, that’s often above-market, whose dividends can grow & grow (like a weedy garden).

4. A personal moment, so you know who’s talking. I’m marking over 3 decades of commercial real estate experience, and have played “all the positions” – broker, developer, investor, banker, adviser, teacher, and board member. 2019 marks my tenth year as a REIT writer & analyst.

5. My investing philosophy is informed and inspired in great measure from Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor” – and I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett (and other legendarily great investors). My choices are squarely found in the “value” camp: looking for great companies at fair prices, and pouncing, when the market underprices or undervalues them – for whatever reasons.

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