5 Powerful REITs for Retirement

By Brad Thomas via Iris.xyz

It made sense to follow my last article (REITs 101), with some powerful REITs in Retirement.

So here are 10 notes and 5 ideas to help pave your way:

1. First, congrats if you’re currently experiencing that sought-after phase of life, where the work-a-day routine turns into… something special, new, different. In retirement, the key words are: enjoyment, planning, and repeat.

2. If you’re not yet there, but can see retirement coming, it’s a happy glimpse, so congrats to you. Of course, the best pre-retirement advice: get your expenses budgeted, and your investments in shape to support your needs. Start with either one. Investment words for pre-retirement: planning, enjoying the planning, and, of course, repeat.

3. Since you already know from my last article REITs are simple to own and understand, you know they offer a premier retirement benefit: regular income, that’s often above-market, whose dividends can grow & grow (like a weedy garden).

4. A personal moment, so you know who’s talking. I’m marking over 3 decades of commercial real estate experience, and have played “all the positions” – broker, developer, investor, banker, adviser, teacher, and board member. 2019 marks my tenth year as a REIT writer & analyst.

5. My investing philosophy is informed and inspired in great measure from Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor” – and I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett (and other legendarily great investors). My choices are squarely found in the “value” camp: looking for great companies at fair prices, and pouncing, when the market underprices or undervalues them – for whatever reasons.

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