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ETF Trend’s Premium Membership $14.99/mo

Our free site is the market leader in ETF news online. Every day our timely advice is read by tens of thousands of readers. Our system of trend based investing using ETFs is simple and timely, avoiding most downturns and taking advantage of market growth when and where it occurs. Now we’ve made it easy to employ winning strategies for investment: the ETF Trends Premium membership.


  • Model portfolios designed by Tom Lydon and ETF Trends for different investment strategies
  • Build your own ETF model portfolios using our easy tools
  • Track performance and receive automatic rebalancing alerts on all portfolios
  • Email alerts based on your parameters such as ETF prices crossing trendlines
  • Build and reuse filter criteria and choose from 30+ columns in ETF Analyzer
  • Simplify access to important ETF data on your custom Dashboard

ETF Analyzer Upgrades

  • Personalize the columns to display from over 30 data points
  • Sort by any column, by any data points
  • Expand search and alter criteria using the 30 data points
  • Search/filter by composition, eg. Sector < 15% Tech, Maturity > 50% 1-3 yrs
  • Save and name criteria sets to reuse

Portfolio Benefits

  • Design your own using our advanced tools
  • Membership comes with access to six portfolios designed by ETF Trends
  • Initial investment alerts to get you started in a portfolio
  • Track up to four portfolios simultaneously on your personal dashboard
  • Receive quarterly rebalancing alerts on all your portfolios

Alert Benefits

  • One time or Reminders (requires action)
  • Specific Price Alert or Trend Line Cross
  • Portfolio Details for Purchasing
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Quarterly Rebalancing Needed
  • Up to 3 User Alerts Active at One Time

Tired of terms you don’t fully understand?

Our site has advanced rollover explanations throughout. For example, click on the “i” next to ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ above. Premium members also receive explanation rollovers on all table column headings.

Hot Story Picks

Hundreds of news stories, every day. How do you stay on top of it? Let us help. Every day Tom and his staff pick the top ETF story that you should read, and post it to your dashboard. We see the trends, we write the stories, and we watch the traffic on our site. Read them all if you like, or just glance at your dashboard.

Customized Dashboard Content

Your home page shows information you select, and saves the settings for your next visit.

  • Multiple Portfolios
  • Custom Watchlists
  • Custom Table Designs

ETF Trend’s Ultra Membership $29.99/mo

Sophisticated investors can grow beyond Premium Membership tools and services, subscriptions are available with even more powerful capabilities.

Ultra Members also receive:

  • Access to 12+ additional Tom Lydon Portfolios such as Dollar Worries, Asia Tiger
  • Full alert service for trades in expanded Tom Lydon Portfolios
  • Unlimited saves for personal Search and Analyser criteria
  • Unlimited Alerts on price points or trend line crosses
  • Unlimited Personal Portfolios
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