8 Questions in Assessing Your Exposure to Volatility in 2019

By Al Emid via Iris.xyz

 At this time of year, fund managers, investment analysts and other experts issue outlooks for the coming year and currently many of them focus on their outlooks for volatility. Rather than set up yet another outlook, I am going to suggest questions for assessing your exposure to volatility within your investment portfolio in the coming year. If you handle all of your own investing, try considering some of these questions. If you work with an accredited financial advisor, consider discussing one or more of them with the advisor.

Investing always involves difficult decisions but 2019 looks like it will have one of the most difficult lists of investing decisions in recent years.

Many causes of volatility during latter part of this year will carry over into 2019.


The FAANG stocks as a group have become a dominant stock market force.

What is your exposure to these stocks?

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