The 7 Steps to Negotiating a New Car

By Andrew Rosen via

We all know that uneasy feeling of going into the car dealership to purchase that brand new car.  

You’ve got your best game face on; you’re prepared for battle.  You tell yourself you are not walking out of there unless you’ve got the best deal possible.  Then BAM!  You leave the dealership feeling as though you got the raw end of the deal (much like Jerry Seinfeld did here).  Let’s try to never let that happen again! Take a look below at my 7 step strategy.  I’m confident it’ll help.

Before we begin though, I’m going to assume you’ve narrowed down the make and model.  The best way to start any negotiation is to know exactly what you want.  So, do yourself the favor and do the research first.  It’s a pivotal part (especially of step 1) in the strategy below.

Step 1: Research

Even if the last time you wrote a paper was on the Gettysburg address in high school, doing research shouldn’t be a foreign concept.  Good ole’ fashion research on price point is a great place to start. From there, I’d research which dealerships do the most (and least) volume in your desired car.  It’s best to know the optimal time of year to purchase, too.

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