7 Steps To Getting Your Finances Back On Track

By Michael Kay via Iris.xyz

We’re headlong into autumn with crisp air and fall foliage. With the change of season, especially if you live in a cooler area of the country, you take specific steps to prepare your home for the cold weather: you push the screens up and pull the storm windows down. You take in the outdoor furniture and take in the hoses. There’s a certain habit you’ve established every year to get yourself ready. I’ve been watching the squirrels gather acorns for their winter survival.

The same mentality should be established as it relates to your financial life for redirecting your thinking from summer relaxation to a strong, focused effort to make your life more financially secure.

7 Steps To Getting Your Finances Back On Track

Here are seven rules to bring you closer to a more efficient and satisfying financial life.

1. Begin with several questions concerning your money life:

  • Of what am I most proud?
  • With what have I done well?
  • Have I lived up to what is most important?
  • What do I need to improve?

These questions help you focus on where you are currently, where you’re going, and they set up a potential meaningful conversation with your spouse, significant other, children, etc. You must first have clarity for yourself before you talk to others.

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